Departmental Bulletin Paper イスタンブールの街と建築
Town and architecture in Istanbul

南, 泰裕

The paper reported the aspect of town and architecture in Istanbul in Turkey. Istanbul is well known as a historically important city connecting Asia and Europe. Three places named Old Town, New Town and Asian side, face each other across the Bosphorus strait. In addition, each place is covered with maze-like roads and slopes along complicated terrain, and it has a unique urban structure. In the old days, as the capital of eastern Roman Empire, Constantinople richly developed Byzantine culture, among which a masterpiece of Byzantine architecture like Aya Sophia was born. Later, by the occupation of the Ottoman Empire in 1453, Christian culture and Islamic culture was complicatedly mixed, creating a unique culture.In this paper, from March to September 2015, through the experiences of researching and staying at the Mimar Sinan Fine Art University in Istanbul, I would like to report the part of the characteristics of town and the outline of representative architecture, in Istanbul, in addition, report the daily life in downtown and the ordinary urban activity in Istanbul.

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