Departmental Bulletin Paper 環境教育における地球システム科学教育の重要性 : 大学生を対象とした講義の実践とアンケート調査からの示唆
Significance of Earth System Science education for improving environmental education : Insights from lecture and questionnaire for undergraduate students

泉, 賢太郎  ,  乾, 睦子

In this paper, to evaluate the significance of Earth System Science education for improving understanding of climate change(e.g., the global warming issue), questionnaire surveys were carried out before and after a lecture to undergraduate students. As a result, understanding regarding climate change was improved by the Earth System Scientific lecture explaining such as global carbon cycle, climatic observational data, paleoenvironmental dynamics and various proxy data. Furthermore, motivation for Earth System Science learning was also increased after the lecture. These results suggest that students can better consider specific mechanisms and/or future prospects of climate change by learning Earth System Scientific viewpoints. Therefore, the significance of adding Earth System Scientific contents to the current environmental education curriculum should be emphasized.

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