Departmental Bulletin Paper 異なる測定姿勢における足把持力の比較
Comparison of toe-gripping strength in different measurement postures

山田, 健二  ,  須藤, 明治

17pp.37 - 41 , 2017-03-01 , 国士舘大学体育・スポーツ科学学会
 The purpose of this study was to compare toe-gripping strength in different measurement postures. Subjects were 179 healthy university students (147 males, 32 females).Toe-gripping strength in one foot was measured with an instrument to measure toe strength. Measurement postures were seated in a chair, standing, and seated with the legs extended. The highest measurement from three attempts in each posture was used as the toe-gripping strength. Toe-gripping strength was greatest when standing, less when sitting in a chair, and least when seated with the legs extended, and toe-gripping strength differed significantly among the three postures. Results revealed that toe-gripping strength is affected by the measurement posture. In addition, results suggested that toe-gripping strength may be affected by the body’s center of gravity. The current results may prove of use as basic data on toe-gripping strength.

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