Departmental Bulletin Paper 大学陸上競技選手の心理的競技能力に関する研究
A study on the psychological competitive ability of collegiate track and field athletes

西野, 滉佑  ,  岡田, 雅次  ,  内藤, 祐子

17pp.19 - 27 , 2017-03-01 , 国士舘大学体育・スポーツ科学学会
 The current study used the Diagnostic Inventory of Psychological Competitive Ability for Athletes (DIPCA.3) to compare and examine the psychological competitiveness of college athletes in different track and field fields (such as short-distance events, jumping events, and throwing events). This study also examined the relationship between scores on the DIPCA.3 and whether or not athletes engaged in mental training, and whether or not they used relaxation and concentration techniques.Results revealed that :1) Athletes in throwing events had more “self-confidence” and athletes in short-distance events had more “concentration” than athletes in other events had. 2) Few track and field athletes had engaged in mental training and few had been administered the DIPCA.3, but they had devised their own relaxation techniques and their own ways to increase their level of concentration. Athletes who used relaxation techniques and ways to increase their level of concentration had better psychological competitive ability than those who did not. Thus, results suggested that athletes should be given psychological support to teach them relaxation techniques and ways to increase their level of concentration. Results also suggested that this approach could further improve their psychological competitive ability.

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