Departmental Bulletin Paper ゼオライトを用いたNO_xの吸着効果
Effect of NO_x adsorption with zeolite

岡田, 繁  ,  山﨑, 貴  ,  渡邉, 総一朗  ,  宍戸, 統悦  ,  湯蓋, 邦夫  ,  野村, 明子  ,  森, 孝雄

Commercial zeolite (molecular sieve 3A and 13X) powders were investigated by adsorption of about 500 ppm NO_x concentration. The molecular sieves were heated at soaking temperatures of 25 to 900℃ for soaking time 2 h in an air atmosphere. The zeolite (molecular sieve 3A and 13X) powders obtained were reacted in tetra-bag (10 L) together with NO gas (approximately 500 ppm) (in N_2 gas+oxygen (20%) gas). The samples of NO_x adsorption were measured by using CLA (chemiluminescence method) –NO_x analyzer, Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy (FT-IR) and powder X-ray diffractometer (XRD). The NO_x adsorption of molecular sieve powders was compared with NO_x adsorption for the samples obtained from MgAl_2O_4, MgFe_2O_4 and α-LiFeO_2 powders.

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