Departmental Bulletin Paper ヴォーテックスを用いたトレーニングによる投能力向上の効果
Effect on improvement of throwing ability using vortex throwing training

上村, 孝司  ,  小林, 志郎  ,  田中, 悠士郎  ,  右代, 啓祐  ,  宮崎, 大佑  ,  岡田, 雅次

16pp.21 - 26 , 2016-03-01 , 国士舘大学体育・スポーツ科学学会
In this study, we measured the effects of "Vortex" training between before and after softball throw tests. Experiment A used Vortex training before and after a softball throw test by healthy university students. Experiment B used two training orders, in which Vortex softball training was performed after softball training by group A and in the reverse order by group B. Vortex training improved softball throwing distance. Group A did not change softball throwing distance after both softball training and Vortex training. However, Group B did increase softball throwing distance after Vortex training, whereas it decreased after softball training. It was suggested that Vortex training increases the softball throwing distance. In addition, training effects changed due to the order of softball training and vortex training. This shows the effectiveness of the Vortex training, and the importance of the timing of introducing it.

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