Book [5] Diseases Caused By Viral Pathogens

中井, 敏博  ,  佐野, 元彦  ,  吉水, 守  ,  笠井, 久会  ,  伊丹, 利明  ,  Sudhakaran,, Raja

pp.278 - 322 , 2016 , Eolss Publishers/UNESCO
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Viral diseases cause particularly severe damages in aquaculture in the world, mainly due to lack of effective chemotherapeutics and limited numbers of commercially available vaccines. Some of the diseases have spread among wild populations of fish as well as cultured ones, resulting in considerable loss in fisheries and the natural resources. In this section, we selected important viral diseases of fish and shellfish (shrimp), and describe their disease agents, geographical distributions, host ranges, and diagnostic and control methods. These include five diseases (SVC, CCVD, KHVD, HVHN, EHN) in freshwater fish except for warm-water fish, two (RSIVD, VNN) in marine fish except for salmonids, five (IPN, IHN, VHS, OMVD, ISA) in salmon and trout, and six (WSD, YHD, IHHN, TS, WTD, IMN) in penaeid shrimp. Most of the diseases are currently listed by the World Organization for Animal Health (OIE) and thus are of great importance for the international trade of aquatic animals.
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Authors, keywords, contents, summary [p. 278-279]
1. Freshwater Fish / Motohiko Sano [p. 279-288]
2. Marine Fish / Toshihiro Nakai [p. 289-294]
3. Salmon and Trout Viral Diseases / Hisae Kasai and Mamoru Yoshimizu [p. 295-299]
4. Shrimp Diseases / Toshiaki Itami and Raja Sudhakaran [p. 299-310]
Bibliography, biographical sketches [p. 310-322]

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