Book [1] Prevention and Treatment of Diseases Caused By Fish Pathogens

吉水, 守  ,  笠井, 久会  ,  青木, 宙  ,  乙竹, 充  ,  酒井, 正博  ,  Jung, Tae-Sung  ,  引間, 順一  ,  岡本, 信明  ,  坂本, 崇  ,  尾崎, 照遵  ,  矢澤, 良輔

pp.1 - 83 , 2016 , Eolss Publishers/UNESCO
ISBN:E-book: 978-1-78021-040-7Print: 978-1-78021-540-2
This chapter describes methods to prevent and/or protect fish from infectious diseases. Chemotherapy using antimicrobial agents and criteria is effective but users should pay attention to avoid the increases of multiple drug resistant strains of fish pathogenic bacteria. Vaccination by injection, immersion and oral methods is important to prevent diseases. Besides formalin-killed and heat-treated vaccines, there are several other types of vaccines, such as attenuated, subunit, and DNA vaccines. Fish rely more on their innate immunity to prevent diseases and immunostimulants generally stimulate innate immune components. Many immunostimulants such as glucans, levamisole, chitin, lipopolysaccharides and nucleotides have been reported to increase protection against bacterial, viral and parasitic diseases in fish. Diagnostic methods are indispensable to fish farm management and will help in identifying proper therapeutic measures and preventing the spread of diseases. Diagnostic methods currently used are antibody-based diagnosis, detection of specific genes in the target pathogen by polymerase chain reaction (PCR) and the loop mediated isothermal amplification (LAMP) method. In aquaculture, one way to prevent fish diseases is to develop disease-resistant strains of fish through the use of marker-assisted selection (MAS). MAS requires an understanding of the linkage between quantitative trait loci of a target trait and DNA markers. Transgenic technology is applicable to obtain disease-resistant strains of fish. Recent advances in the fish transgenesis for disease-resistance are discussed.
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Authors, keywords, contents, summary [p. 1-2]
1. Prevention and Protection against Infectious Diseases
1.1. Prevention / Mamoru Yoshimizu and Hisae Kasai [p. 2-8]
1.2. Chemotherapy: Antimicrobial Agents for Aquaculture in Japan / Takashi Aoki [p. 9-17]
1.3. Vaccination – Injection, Oral and Immersion / Mitsuru Ototake [p. 17-21]
1.4. Vaccination – Recombinant and DNA Vaccines / Takashi Aoki [p. 21-34]
1.5. Fish Immunostilumants / Masahiro Sakai [p. 35-38]
2. Diagnosis of Diseases
2.1. Diagnosis -Antiserum Detection / Tae-Sung Jung [p. 39-43]
2.2. Diagnosis – PCR Detection / Takashi Aoki and Jun-ichi Hikima [p. 43-51]
2.3. Loop Mediated Isothermal Amplification (LAMP) Method / Masahiro Sakai [p. 51-56]
3. Selection and Establishment of Disease-Resistant Fish
3.1. Development of Disease-Resistant Fish Using Marker-Assisted Selection / Takashi Sakamoto, Akiyuki Ozaki and Nobuaki Okamoto [p. 56-59]
3.2. Establishment of Disease-Resistant Fish / Ryosuke Yazawa [p. 59-62]
Bibliography, biographical sketches [p. 62-83]

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