Departmental Bulletin Paper フィリップ・ソレルスによる『地獄の季節』の解釈
Exegesis of “Une saison en enfer” by Philippe Sollers
フィリップ ソレルス ニヨル ジゴク ノ キセツ ノ カイシャク

小山, 尚之

This article is a translation into Japanese of the article entitled ≪Une saison en enfer ≫: ALLER ― RETOUR, which was published in L’INFINI no.122 in 2013. According to Sollers, absence of the 18th century and the romanticist society or subjects appear to Rimbaud as Hell. To Go in Hell means to criticise the contemporary society. But at the same time, Rimbaud tries to return from Hell by inventing a new type of reason and a new form of love. In this point Sollers finds in Rimbaud a precursor of Nietzsche and Heidegger. Furthermore, he thinks that Rimbaud is enlightened by gnostic lights in origin.

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