Journal Article 上部構造と免震層の等価周期比を用いた免震建物の応答予測式

佐藤, 大樹  ,  Sato, Daiki  ,  北村, 春幸  ,  Kitamura, Haruyuki  ,  松田, 頼征  ,  MATSUDA, Yoriyuki  ,  宮川, 和明  ,  Miyagawa, Kazuaki  ,  植木, 卓也  ,  Ueki, Takuya  ,  村上, 行夫  ,  MURAKAMI, Yukio

24 ( No. 58 )  , pp.951 - 956 , 2018-10 , 日本建築学会 , Architectural Institute of Japan
Since 1995, seismic isolation structures have been applied effectively to buildings whose superstructure is characterized to have a long fundamental period such as steel-framed and high-rise buildings. However, for logistics warehouses which are designed to be long span and a high floor height to create a large internal space, there is a possibility that such buildings will not deform as expected. This study proposes a response prediction formula for base-isolated building by using period ratio between the superstructure and the seismic isolation layer.

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