Journal Article 長周期地震動をうける超高層建物のオイルダンパーによる制振補強効果

佐藤, 大樹  ,  Sato, Daiki  ,  長江, 拓也  ,  Nagae, Takuya  ,  北村, 春幸  ,  Kitamura, Haruyuki  ,  梶原, 浩一  ,  Kajiwara, Koichi

24 ( No. 58 )  , pp.969 - 974 , 2018-10 , 日本建築学会 , Architectural Institute of Japan
A series of shaking table tests by using E-defense on a high-rise building are conducted in order to assess effects of retrofit by using oil dampers. The specimen consists of a four-story steel frame and an upper substitute layers made of concrete slabs and rubber bearings. Oil dampers are installed to the steel frame. Long-period ground motions and a design ground motion are used for the tests. Total input energies of the specimen and absorbed energy are estimated. The deformations of specimen are reduced especially in the portion having dampers. In the moment frame, the energy is mostly dissipated in oil dampers.

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