Journal Article Computation of interface wave motions by reciprocity considerations

BUI, TINH QUOC  ,  Bui, Tinh Quoc

2018-06 , Elsevier
The current theoretical study deals with computation of Stoneley waves along a solid–solid interface and Scholte waves (also called Scholte-Gogoladze) along a solid–liquid interface by reciprocity considerations. Closed-form solutions of the wave motions generated by a time-harmonic line load applied in two bonded elastic half-spaces of different material properties are derived in a simple manner. In order to perform direct applications of reciprocity theorems, we introduce in this article new expressions for the displacements of free interface waves. Reciprocity relations between an actual state, interface wave motion generated by a time-harmonic line load, and a virtual state, an appropriately chosen free wave traveling along the interface, are derived. Scattered amplitudes of Stoneley waves and Scholte waves due to the load are thus computed. To show application of the obtained results, scattering of Stoneley wave by a delamination at the interface is then studied.

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