Conference Paper 高強度化学繊維によるワイヤ駆動のための基礎的検討 ―第六報:熱延伸されたUHMWPEロープの繰り返し曲げ耐久性―

高田, 敦  ,  Takata, Atsushi  ,  遠藤, 玄  ,  Endo, Gen  ,  兼清, 真人  ,  Kanekiyo, Masahito  ,  鈴森, 康一  ,  Suzumori, Koichi  ,  難波江, 裕之  ,  Nabae, Hiroyuki

A rope using UHMWPE fiber has high strength. Moreover, in our previous works, it is clarified that some UHMWPE ropes have high repetitive bending durability. However, there are other types of UHMWPE fiber and ropes. In this paper, we focus on repetitive bending durability of heat-set ropes. As a result, the higher strength a rope has, the lower bending durability the rope has.

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