Journal Article Epitaxially Grown Ultra-Flat Self-Assembling Monolayers with Dendrimers

今岡, 享稔  ,  Imaoka, Takane  ,  武家尾, 典子  ,  Bukeo, Noriko  ,  山元, 公寿  ,  Yamamoto, Kimihisa

23 ( 2 )  , p.485 , 2018-02
Mono-molecular films formed by physical adsorption and dendrimer self-assembly were prepared on various substrate surfaces. It was demonstrated that a uniform dendrimer-based monolayer on the subnanometer scale can be easily constructed via simple dip coating. Furthermore, it was shown that an epitaxially grown monolayer film reflecting the crystal structure of the substrate (highly ordered pyrolytic graphite (HOPG)) can also be formed by aligning specific conditions.

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