Journal Article A robust biomimetic blade design for micro wind turbines

田中, 博人  ,  Tanaka, Hiroto  ,  劉, 浩  ,  Liu, Hao

125pp.155 - 165 , 2018-02 , Elsevier
Inspired by bird wings that enable robust aerodynamic force production and stable flight, we propose abiomimetic blade design for small wind turbines that is capable of achieving a high integral powercoefficient, Cp, over a broad range of tip-speed ratios, l, and hence enhances robustness in aerodynamicperformance. We first developed a basic blade design with bird-inspired flexed wing morphology andinvestigated its aerodynamic characteristics with computational fluid dynamics. Our results demonstratedthat the swept-forward shaped portion proximal to wing root augmented Cp at smaller l, whereasthe distal swept-backward shaped portion improved Cp at larger l. We further conducted a morphologyoptimization and developed an optimized flexion blade that is capable of achieving a remarkablyimproved Cp over a broad range of l. To evaluate the aerodynamic robustness under variable tip-speedratios in an integral way, we here propose a new Robustness Index (Ri) and find that the optimizedflexionblade outperforms a conventional blade based on Blade Element Momentum Theory by 8.1%,indicating marked robustness in power output. Our results indicate that of great potential for windturbines robustness-oriented biomimetic blade design can be a practical and effective methodology inwind-based sustainable energy harvesting.

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