Conference Paper Discussion on Temperatures on the basis of the Tsallis Entropy Determined by the Excited-State Populations of Hydrogen Atoms in Hydrogen Plasma

菊池, 浩司  ,  Kikuchi, Koji  ,  赤塚, 洋  ,  AKATSUKA, HIROSHI

We reconsider what the temperature should be determined in plasmas in a state of non-equilibrium on the basis of Tsallis statistics. We calculate number densities Ni of hydrogen atoms with its principal quantum number i (≥ 2) of the hydrogen plasma by collisional radiative model, where we can treat Ni as functions of electron temperature Te, density Ne, and density of the ground-state hydrogen atoms N1. When we apply the Tsallis entropy Sq = -kΣNi=1 piq lnq pi, q-average energy Uq = (ΣNi=1 piqεi)/(ΣNj=1 pjq) and probabilities pi = 1/Zqexpq(-βq(εi-Uq)), we can determine the physical temperature as Tphys = (1+(1-q)Sq/k)/(∂Uq/∂Sq) on the basis of Tsallis statistics. Then, we can apply this equation to the excited-state Ni of hydrogen plasmas to determine Tphys. We discuss the dependence of Tphys on Te in the range of 1 ≤ Te [eV] ≤ 10.

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