Journal Article Twist bend nematic liquid crystals prepared by one-step condensation of 4-(4-Pentylcyclohexyl) benzoic acid and alkyl diol

渡辺, 一樹  ,  Watanabe, Kazuki  ,  田村, 翼  ,  Tamura, Tasuku  ,  姜, 聲敏  ,  Kang, Sungmin  ,  戸木田, 雅利  ,  Tokita, Masatoshi

2018-02 , Taylor & Francis
Twist bend nematic (NTB)-forming 9OCCHP5 and 11OCCHP5 dimers were synthesised by one-step condensation of 4-(4-pentylcyclohexyl) benzoic acid and alkyl diol with yields as high as 80%. Although each dimer formed the NTB phase only during the cooling process in a narrow temperature width as large as 4°C, their equiweight mixture formed an NTB phase during both the heating and cooling processes, displaying elliptical polygonal domains and rope-like optical texture. The NTB temperature range became wider by 29–38°C and reduced the orientational order parameter significantly from 0.39 to 0.29 with decreasing temperature.

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