Conference Paper 超高層免震建物の風応答観測記録に基づく免震ダンパーの疲労損傷評価

佐藤, 大樹  ,  Sato, Daiki  ,  村上, 智一  ,  Murakami, Tomokazu  ,  田村, 哲郎  ,  TAMURA, TETSURO  ,  普後, 良之  ,  Fugo, Yoshiyuki  ,  吉江, 慶祐  ,  Yoshie, Keisuke  ,  笠井, 和彦  ,  KASAI, KAZUHIKO  ,  北村, 春幸  ,  Kitamura, Haruyuki

The number of the isolated building has been gradually increasing after Kobe earthquake in 1995. The wind resistant design of the building is done so that the primary members become the elastic-region even if the strong wind forces are acted. In the high-rise seismic isolated building with the low natural frequency, the seismic isolation layer may become plasticity against the strong wind. This paper discusses about the fatigue damage evaluation method for the steel damper of high-rise seismic isolated building based on wind-induced response observation data.

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