Conference Paper 高密度ポリマーブラシ上でのネマチック液晶の極角アンカリング強度

矢澤, 健太  ,  Yazawa, Kenta  ,  岩田, 直人  ,  Iwata, Naoto  ,  佐藤, 治  ,  Sato, Osamu  ,  戸木田, 雅利  ,  Tokita, Masatoshi

We examined the polar anchoring coefficient (Aθ) of nematic liquid crystal (NLC) on poly(hexyl methacrylate) (PHMA) brushes by the Freedericksz transition method. On PHMA brushes with 40 nm in thickness and at a density (σ) of 0.4 chains/nm2, the NLC exhibited an Aθ value of 2.2 × 10-5 J/m2, which is 1/40 as much as polyimide (PI). The Aθ increased with increasing the σ up to 0.1 chains/nm2 and then approached 1 × 10-5 J/m2 with further increasing σ to 0.7 chains/nm2.

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