Journal Article 長周期地震動時における粘性ダンパーの性能低下を考慮した制振構造建物の応答評価

佐藤, 大樹  ,  Sato, Daiki  ,  長山, 祥  ,  Nagayama, Sho  ,  笠井, 和彦  ,  KASAI, KAZUHIKO  ,  松田, 和浩  ,  Matsuda, Kazuhiro

24 ( No. 56 )  , pp.59 - 62 , 2018-02 , 日本建築学会 , Architectural Institute of Japan
The purpose of this paper is to carry out a response evaluation of passive control structure with viscous dampers considering its performance decrement under long-period ground motion. An analytical model of the viscous damper that considered the performance decrement caused by long-period cyclic loading was proposed in this paper, and its accuracy was confirmed by comparing with test results. The time history response analysis using 20-storey model with the proposed viscous dampers was performed. It was verified that the response of the passive control structure with viscous dampers increases under some long-period ground motions.

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