Journal Article Planar-orientation polycrystalline thin film of liquid-crystalline organic semiconductor by template-directed self-assembly

Wang, Yi-Fei  ,  Wang, Yi-Fei  ,  飯野, 裕明  ,  Iino, Hiroaki  ,  半那, 純一  ,  Hanna, Jun-ichi

10 ( Number 10 )  , p.101601 , 2017-09 , The Japan Society of Applied Physics
We fabricated planar-orientation crystalline thin films of organic semiconductors, in which molecules sit parallel, i.e., “face-on”, on the substrate andfavor vertical charge transport. Thanks to molecular orientation that is sensitive to surface properties and the self-organization of liquid crystals,planar-orientation crystalline thin films can be prepared by simply cooling a smectic liquid-crystalline organic semiconductor from isotropic temperaturewith the aid of a poly(vinyl alcohol) (PVA) microtemplate. The molecular orientation of crystalline thin films was investigated by polarizedoptical microscopy (POM) and X-ray diffraction (XRD) analysis, and the current–voltage characteristics of the films were studied in a diodeconfiguration. The results showed high potential for device applications

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