Conference Paper 各種金属酸化物で表面修飾した酸化チタンによる水中でのナフトール分解

田中, 大智  ,  Tanaka, Daichi  ,  磯部, 敏宏  ,  Isobe, Toshihiro  ,  松下, 祥子  ,  Matsushita, Sachiko  ,  中島, 章  ,  Nakajima, Akira

SnOx or (Mn,Sn)Ox were modified onto a rutile-type TiO2 powder. Then MnOx was modified onto the TiO2 or pure TiO2. The decomposition activity of 2-naphthol in water were evaluated for these samples at 50oC in dark. The modification of MnOx provided decomposition activity, however its degree are affected by the pre-modification by SnOx or (Mn,Sn)Ox. The decomposition activity decreased by repeated use, and it recovered by UV illumination or heat treatment at 300oC.

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