Conference Paper 移動領域・入力制限を考慮した二輪車両体の位置姿勢制御

岡本, 僚太  ,  Okamoto, Ryota  ,  木村, 駿介  ,  Kimura, Shunsuke  ,  伊吹, 竜也  ,  Ibuki, Tatsuya  ,  三平, 満司  ,  SAMPEI, MITSUJI

This paper considers pose control of a two-wheeled system on constrained fields. State constraints such as constrained fields are inevitable problems in real systems. For the state constraint problems, methods for designing control laws by using mapping pairs of coordinate transformation and input transformation have been proposed in previous research. However, since this control law generates excessive inputs, they cannot be realized when installed in experimental machines. Therefore, this paper applies the methods to a two-wheeled system and further proposes a control law that takes constrained input into consideration. In addition, this paper carries out experiments and shows the effectiveness of the proposed control law.

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