Conference Paper Generalized Projection for Yamato-e and Ukiyo-e with Projection Reference Plane

吉村, 藤子  ,  Yoshimura, Fujiko  ,  齋藤, 豪  ,  Saito, Suguru

2017-06 , ACM
Yamato-e and Ukiyo-e style are Japanese traditional painting styles that have two characteristics, linearity and verticality. We propose a novel generalized projection method to produce such images using 3D computer graphics. The method enables orthographic, perspective, reverse perspective, oblique projections, and a projection with a different field of view vertically and horizontally. The key idea is to control the tilt angles of four-sided planes of a view volume indirectly and independently with the projection reference plane. It can be applied easily to user interactive CG creating tools, and it can produce pseudo multi-perspective projected images. We can see them from our implementation and the resultant images.
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