Conference Paper 等価入力外乱手法による免震高層建築のアクティブ制御

宮本, 皓  ,  Miyamoto, Kou  ,  佐藤, 大樹  ,  Sato, Daiki  ,  余, 錦華  ,  She, Jinhua

This paper presents a new structural control method for the combination between passive base isolation and active structural control based on the equivalent-input disturbance method (EID). Nowadays, many high rise buildings employ base-isolation systems. Passive base-isolation enlarges the natural period of a building. It results in the suppression of the absolute acceleration of buildings. However, it increases displacement of the base-isolation story and may force it beyond its allowable range. In this back ground, the combination between a passive base-isolation and an active structural control has been the focus of constant attention as of late. On the other hand, suppressing absolute acceleration and inter-story drift are most important to protect a building, property, and people from a large earthquake. However, most active-structural control do not consider these responses. In contrast, this study constructs a new active-structural-control system based on the EID method that considers absolute acceleration and inter-story drift.

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