Journal Article Consecutive Impact Loading and Preloading Effect on Stiffness of Woven Synthetic-Fiber Rope

SRY, Vannei  ,  Vannei, Sry  ,  水谷, 義弘  ,  mizutani, yoshihiro  ,  遠藤, 玄  ,  Endo, Gen  ,  鈴木, 良郎  ,  Suzuki, Yoshirou  ,  轟, 章  ,  TODOROKI, AKIRA

3 ( No. 1 )  , pp.1 - 16 , 2017-02
We studied consecutive impact loading on woven high-modulus polyethylenerope, which is used in robotics fields. An impact tester was developed to conductthe experiments. Five consecutive impact loads (five drops) were appliedto the rope and the stiffness of the loading part that corresponds to each dropwas evaluated. The stiffness of the woven ropes was affected strongly by consecutiveimpact loading. The change in stiffness is undesirable in some applicationssuch as in robotic fields. Therefore, we have proposed a method thatcan optimize changes in stiffness by applying a preload before impact testing(preload treatment). The experimental results show that preload is an efficientway to reduce changing rope stiffness. We have also proposed an empiricalequation that can estimate the rope stiffness after arbitrary preload treatment,and this equation is a function of the number of drops and the static preloadlevel. The equation can be used to determine the preload treatment conditionsto stabilize the stiffness of the woven ropes before they are used in engineeringfields
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