Journal Article Long-Legged Hexapod Giacometti Robot Using Thin Soft McKibben Actuator

アハマド アティフ, モハマド ファウジ  ,  Ahmad Athif, Mohd Faudzi  ,  遠藤, 玄  ,  Endo, Gen  ,  車谷, 駿一  ,  Kurumaya, Shunichi  ,  鈴森, 康一  ,  Suzumori, Koichi

This letter introduces a lightweight hexapod robot, Giacometti robot, made with long and narrow legs following the Alberto Giacometti's sculpture conception. The goal is achieved by, first, using multiple links with thin and soft McKibben actuators, and second, choosing a leg design which is narrow in comparison to its body's length and height, unlike conventional robot design. By such design characteristic, the leg will exhibit elastic deformations due to the low stiffness property of the thin link structure. Then, we model the leg structure and conduct the deflection analysis to confirm the capability of the leg to perform walking motion. The high force to weight ratio characteristics of the actuator provided the ability to drive the system, as shown by a static model and further validated experimentally. To compensate for the high elastic structural flexibility of the legs, two walking gaits namely customized Wave gait and Giacometti gait were introduced. The robot could walk successfully with both gaits at maximum speed of 0.005 and 0.05 m/s, respectively. It is envisaged that the lightweight Giacometti robot design can be very useful in legged robotic exploration.

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