Journal Article パッシブ気候図の作成とパッシブデザインへの活用

松元, 良枝  ,  Matsumoto, Yoshie  ,  小玉, 祐一郎  ,  kodama, yuichiro  ,  武政, 孝治  ,  村田, 涼  ,  murata, ryo  ,  金子, 尚志  ,  kaneko, naoshi  ,  宮岡, 大

82 ( no. 737 )  , pp.653 - 662 , 2017-07 , 日本建築学会 , ARCHITECTURAL INSTITUTE OF JAPAN
Understanding the regional climate is an important part of architectural design. It contributes to make the concept of passive design that enables effective use of natural energy. It is especially necessary for the early stage of the design. It is essential from the viewpoint of the environmental concerns and the energy saving. In this paper, the characteristic of the climate is classified by the passive climate chart of 842 points in Japan. Moreover, it is examined that the relationship between the passive climate chart and passive design method. This study reveals that the passive climate chart is useful for passive design.

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