Journal Article 状態制約を有する非線形システムに対する状態方程式を保持する変換 - システム蘇生変換-

木村, 駿介  ,  Kimura, Shunsuke  ,  中村, 文一  ,  Nakamura, Hisakazu  ,  伊吹, 竜也  ,  Ibuki, Tatsuya  ,  三平, 満司  ,  SAMPEI, MITSUJI

53 ( No. 6 )  , pp.337 - 345 , 2017-06 , 計測自動制御学会
Coordinates transformation is a fundamental tool for nonlinear system control. Particularly, the transformation is also applied to state constrained problems. This paper investigates a coordinates and input transformation method, and proposes a new transformation method named "system revival transformation." The system revival transformation generates a virtual system having the same state equation as an original system. By the proposed transformation, a controller for state constrained systems can be designed by using a controller for unconstrained systems. For general nonlinear systems, the paper provides a mathematical definition of the system revival transformation and proves global asymptotic stability. Moreover, a system revival transformation design method is also presented for control affine nonlinear systems. The effectiveness of the system revival transformation is confirmed through a stabilization problem of a two-wheeled mobile robot.

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