Journal Article Stereoselective Encapsulation for a Triarylmethylium o,o-Dimer by Natural γ-Cyclodextrin: Origin of Chiral Recognition for the Axially Chiral Dicationic Guest.

Suzuki, Takanori  ,  Ceron-Carrasco, Jose P.  ,  Tamaoki, Hitomi  ,  Ishigaki, Yusuke  ,  Katoono, Ryo  ,  福島, 孝典  ,  Fukushima, Takanori  ,  Perez-Sanchez, Horacio

94 ( No. 6 )  , pp.1123 - 1132 , 2017-05
Upon 1:1 complexation with γ-cyclodextrin (CyD) in water, easily interconverting rotational isomers of biphenyl-2,2'-diylbis[bis(4- dimethylaminophenyl)methylium] (R)/(S)-1a2+ were biased to prefer an R configuration (75 : 25 at 25 ºC). Docking and quantum chemical calculations revealed two modes (on-top and botton-side) of encapsulation of γ-CyD, which shed a light on the origin of the first chiral recognition of axially chiral dicationic dyes by using natural CyDs.

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