Journal Article Compact X-band Synthetic Aperture Radar for 100kg Class Satellite

廣川, 二郎  ,  HIROKAWA, JIRO

2017-05 , 一般社団法人 電子情報通信学会
<p>We proposed a new architecture of antenna, transmitter and receiver feeding configuration for small synthetic aperture radar (SAR) that is compatible with 100kg class satellite. Promising applications are constellations of earth observations together with optical sensors, and responsive, disaster monitoring missions. The SAR antenna is a deployable, passive, honeycomb panel antenna with slot array that can be stowed compactly. RF (radio frequency) instruments are in a satellite body and RF signal is fed to a deployable antenna through non-contacting choke flanges at deployable hinges. This paper describes its development strategy and the present development status of the small spaceborne SAR based on this architecture.</p>

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