Journal Article Plate-Laminated Waveguide Monopulse Slot Array Antenna with Full-Corporate-Feed in the E-Band

廣川, 二郎  ,  HIROKAWA, JIRO

E100B ( No. 4 )  , pp.575 - 585 , 2017-04 , 一般社団法人 電子情報通信学会
<p>This paper presents the design and characterization of an E-band 16 × 16-slot monopulse array antenna with full-corporate-feed fabricated by the commercially available batch process of diffusion bonding of laminated copper plates. The antenna is multi-layered, and consists of vertically-interconnected radiating elements, a corporatefeed circuit and a comparator. It has four input ports for different excitations. Sum and difference beams in different cut-planes for monopulse operation can be generated. The antenna has a quasi-planar profile, and a total size of 13.31 λ<sub>0</sub> × 13.31 λ<sub>0</sub> × 1.52 λ<sub>0</sub> (λ<sub>0</sub> is the wavelength at the design frequency of 78.5 GHz). The antenna demonstrates a wide operation bandwidth of 17.2 (70-87.2) GHz for VSWR < 2. At 78.5 GHz: 1) for the sum beam, there is a 32.6-dBi realized gain (83% antenna efficiency) and a 33.3-dBi directivity (95% aperture efficiency); 2) for the difference beams in the E-, H-, 45°-, and 135°-planes, the null depths are -53.0, -58.0, -57.8, and -65.6 dB, respectively. Across the full operation band where the sum main-beam and difference null are able to consistently point at the boresight, the antenna also demonstrates excellent performance in terms of high gain, high efficiency, high isolation, low cross-polarization, and distinguished monopulse capability.</p>

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