Journal Article Alignment Control System Using Beam-Tilting 1-D Waveguide-Slot Array Antennas for 120-GHz-Band Corporate-Feed High-Gain 2-D Arrays

廣川, 二郎  ,  HIROKAWA, JIRO

100 ( No. 1 )  , pp.158 - 166 , 2017-01 , 一般社団法人 電子情報通信学会
<p>An alignment control system using beam-tilting 1-D arrays for a 120-GHz-band corporate-feed 2-D waveguide-slot array antenna is presented. The 2-D waveguide-slot array antenna transmits data, and the 1-D arrays are used to determine array alignment. We design two types of 1-D array antenna and fabricate a corporate-feed 2-D waveguide-slot array antenna surrounded by four beam-tilting 1-D arrays. We then construct an alignment control system and evaluate the performance of the control. We find that the angular accuracy of the antenna alignment control was within ±1deg.</p>

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