Conference Paper Evaluation of Conversion to Quake-Resistant Buildings in Terms of Wide-Area Evacuation and Fire-Brigade Accessibility

沖, 拓弥  ,  Oki, Takuya  ,  大佛, 俊泰  ,  Osaragi, Toshihiro

pp.25 - 41 , 2017-05 , ISCRAM 2017 Organization
ISSN:ISSN : 2411-3387
It is important to evaluate the effects of improving the disaster vulnerability of towns by using various indices related to human damage. In this paper, we focus on conversion of low quake-resistant old buildings. Firstly, we construct a simulation model, which describes property damage (such as building-collapse and street-blockage), wide-area evacuation behavior, and fire-brigade’s activities immediately after a large earthquake occurs. Next, using the simulation model, we estimate the travel time required for evacuation, the number of evacuees trapped on streets (or in blocks), and the access time of fire-brigades to fires in case that the ratio of quake-resistant buildings in the area increases to a certain value. Based on the results, we discuss the effects by converting old buildings into quake-resistant ones on reducing the difficulty in wide-area evacuation and improving the accessibility of fire-brigades in multiple study areas with different characteristics.

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