Journal Article 中国人元日本留学生の進路選択の影響要因と職場環境・生活環境に関する研究―理工系と文系の比較,主な職場別の分析から―

竇, 碩華  ,  佐藤, 由利子  ,  Sato, Yuriko

9pp.89 - 105 , 2017-05 , 移民政策学会 , Japan Association for Migration Policy Studies
In this research, the factors which influenced the choice of workplace, satisfaction with their current working & living environment and future plan of the Chinese graduates of Japanese universities are explored based on their questionnaire and interview surveys.As the result of the survey, it was found out that those who work in Japanese organizations have stronger discontent with the promotion while those who work in Chinese organizations have dissatisfactions with the personnel evaluation system. Those who major in science & engineering tend to work in bigger organizations than those who majored in human & social sciences in both Japan and China. The former tend to have better treatment than the latter in the Japanese companies and Japanese-affiliated companies in China.Among those who work in Japan, 27% hope to return to China in the future. It is necessary to improve their working environment in order to retain them. It is also important to foster and support them as the bridge connecting the two countries.

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