Conference Paper 大気圧マイクロ波放電アルゴンプラズマの電子温度の発光分光計測—衝突輻射モデル計算付き線強度測定および連続スペクトル測定

赤塚, 洋  ,  AKATSUKA, HIROSHI  ,  湯地, 敏史  ,  Yuji, Toshifumi  ,  Abdelhafeez, EL-Koramy REDA Armed  ,  Abdelhafeez El-Koramy, Reda Armed

2017-01 , Japan Society of Applied Physics, Division of Plasma Electronics , 公益社団法人 応用物理学会 プラズマエレクトロニクス分科会
We measure electron temperature Te of atmospheric-pressure microwave-discharge argon plasma with its microwave power 150 W by two different methods. The one is optical emission spectroscopy (OES) measurement of line-intensity of Ar I lines, assisted with the argon collisional radiate (CR) model. To avoid inaccuracy of the collision cross sections as well as the transition probabilities in the Ar-CR model, first, we made several look up tables of the relationship between the excitation temperature of 4p, 4p’, 5p and 5p’ levels and the electron temperature, for several electron densities and the gas temperatures. After that, we experimentally examined the excitation temperature, gas temperature and decided the electron temperature. The other Te-measurement method is continuum emission measurement proposed by Choi et al. Both methods give the electron temperature to be about (0.9 ± 0.1) eV, both of which agree with each other very well.

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