Journal Article 風応答時における実大粘弾性ダンパーの簡易評価実験および解析モデルの提案

佐藤, 大樹  ,  Sato, Daiki  ,  笠井, 和彦  ,  KASAI, KAZUHIKO  ,  松田, 和浩  ,  Matsuda, Kazuhiro  ,  杉山, 暢方  ,  Sugiyama, Nobumasa

24pp.289 - 294 , 2016-12 , JAPAN ASSOCIATION FOR WIND ENGINEERING , 日本風工学会
Viscoelastic damper dissipates energy through shear deformation of the viscoelastic material, and it causes temperature rise resulting softening of the material under long duration loading. This paper discusses properties of a full-scale viscoelastic damper during long duration wind-induced vibration and presents the simplified evaluation method. In addition, we propose a new analytical model which is considering heat transfer effects. Good accuracies of this analytical model is demonstrated by comparing with results of the long duration loading test.

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