Journal Article Experimental Study on Ray Based Spatio-Temporal Channel Characteristics in Indoor Environment

Kitao, Koshiro  ,  Imai, Tetsuro  ,  齋藤, 健太郎  ,  Saito, Kentaro  ,  奥村, 幸彦  ,  Okumura, Yukihiko

98 ( no. 5 )  , pp.798 - 805 , 2015-05 , The Institute of Electronics, Information and Communication Engineers
This paper describes characteristics of direct and scattered waves that are extracted from measurement channel data obtained using a 3.35GHz vector channel sounder in an indoor environment. For the scattered waves, a ray number, <i>n</i>, is assigned to each ray in order of the received levels and the relationship between <i>n</i> and the characteristics of each ray such as the received level, delay and azimuth angle of arrival (AOA) are investigated. The distribution of the received level for each <i>n</i>, which is normalized to the received level that is calculated based on free space at each measurement point and includes the received level of all measurement points, is a log normal distribution. Moreover, the median received level of each <i>n</i> of the scattered waves is approximated with two different gradient linear lines as a function of <i>n</i>. Furthermore, the azimuth AOA for the ray of scattered waves whose received level is relatively high is biased in the base station antenna direction and the distribution of the azimuth AOA becomes uniform with a decrease in the received ray level. Finally, a spatio-temporal channel model is proposed based on the above mentioned analysis.

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