Conference Paper 対象運動モデルを用いた二輪車両移動ロボットの視覚フィードバック型位置・姿勢制御

仲野, 聡史  ,  Nakano, Satoshi  ,  伊吹, 竜也  ,  Ibuki, Tatsuya  ,  三平, 満司  ,  SAMPEI, MITSUJI

This paper studies visual feedback pose regulation for two-wheeled mobile robots. In this work, we consider two mobile robots, where a vision camera is attached to one robot and the other robot has a target object. In this situation, we present visual feedback estimation/control structure under the assumption that the velocity model of the target robot is available. We first focus on the estimation of the rotation part. Then, we prove that the estimation/control of the translation part is achieved. Moreover, we analyze the convergence of the control error of the rotation part via zero dynamics analysis.

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