Conference Paper Development of a REBCO multi-core coated-conductor fabricated by an inner slitting method and its effect on the REBCO coil performance

岡村, 哲至  ,  OKAMURA, TETSUJI  ,  松田, 徹郎  ,  Matsuda, Tetsuro  ,  Maeda, Hideaki

As one of high temperature superconductors (HTS), the REBCO coated-conductor has notable advantages comparing to the low temperature superconductors (LTS) in the critical current density. For the wire application, the large screening current from tape surface of the coated conductor is necessary to be reduced, since it is a major problem to produce a magnetic field with high homogeneity and high precision. We introduce the electrical separating by bending stress (ESBS) method for REBCO multi-core coated conductor, and experimental assessments were performed for the wire and coil.

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