Conference Paper Numerical Analysis on the Performance of a Magnetic Refrigerator with Multiple Materials

有田, 照平  ,  Arita, Shohei  ,  岡村, 哲至  ,  OKAMURA, TETSUJI  ,  野口, 芳直  ,  noguchi, yoshinao  ,  平野, 直樹  ,  Hirano, Naoki

A room-temperature magnetic refrigerator is attractive refrigeration system alternative that does not use replacing halon. This paper describes the performance of a magnetic refrigerator using multiple magnetic materials. (e.g. gadolinium and gadolinium alloys) It is expected that a wide temperature range can be get by packing multiple magnetic materials in active magnetic refrigerator (AMR) ducts. We focus on a temperature span that is difference between temperature of hot end and cold end and a refrigeration power. In order to investigate the behavior of magnetic refrigerator, temperature distribution of inside AMR duct was measured. Experimental results were compared with one-dimensional numerical simulations, which use experimentally obtained and predicted magnetocaloric properties of the magnetic materials.

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