Conference Paper Trial production and performance evaluation of partially flexible CFRP whose stiffness can change

福田, 雅俊  ,  fukuda, masatoshi  ,  轟, 章  ,  TODOROKI, AKIRA  ,  水谷, 義弘  ,  mizutani, yoshihiro  ,  鈴木, 良郎  ,  Suzuki, Yoshirou

Recent years, multi-functional composite materials by using more than one kind of reinforcing fibers or matrices are studied. Deformable partially flexible CFRP (PF-CFRP) by using silicone rubber for a part of matrix is developed. Reinforcing fiber is continuous in PF-CFRP, and it is possible to bend without reduction of tensile strength. However there is a problem that PF-CFRP is weak against compression and bending. In this paper, the structure which can change its stiffness by changing the location of the flexible part in every layer is proposed. This structure can increase the rigidity as required. Compression and bending test is conducted and its validity is confirmed.

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