Conference Paper 形状記憶合金(SMA)を用いた部分柔軟CFRPの形状制御と剛性制御

福田, 雅俊  ,  fukuda, masatoshi  ,  轟, 章  ,  TODOROKI, AKIRA  ,  水谷, 義弘  ,  mizutani, yoshihiro  ,  鈴木, 良郎  ,  Suzuki, Yoshirou

Recently, in the structures in the various fields such as aerospace vehicles and buildings, smart structures which detect an abnormality by itself and have functions that adapt to the change efficiently by incorporating the sensors and actuators has been studied. Small and light actuator whose structure is simpler than that of the conventional complicated actuator mechanism is used. Therefore, it achieve a significant weight saving and high efficiency of the structure. In this paper, we equipped carbon fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP) which has a partially flexible structure with a bio-metal fiber (BMF), which is a kind of shape memory alloy (SMA) and realized active bending deformation. Partly flexible CFRP is partially deformable CFRP by changing matrix from epoxy resin to silicone rubber. BMF is two-directional shape memory alloy. While it is flexible as nylon yarn at room temperature, it contracts with a strong force and is taut as piano wire when electric current is passed. First of all, we derived relationship geometrically between length and placement of the BMF and bending angle. Next, we determined the force required to cause deformation by repeated tensile tests and calculate the number of BMF to be incorporated. Finally, we generated bending deformation by driving the BMF, checked that actual bending angle conformed to the geometrical calculated bending angle, and indicated the validity of the geometric model.

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