Journal Article Compliant bipolar electrostatic gripper with micropillar electrodes array for manipulation at macroscale

RADON, DHELIKA  ,  Dhelika, Radon  ,  HEMTHAVY, PASOMPHONE  ,  HEMTHAVY, PASOMPHONE  ,  高橋, 邦夫  ,  TAKAHASHI, KUNIO  ,  齋藤, 滋規  ,  SAITO, Shigeki

A compliant electrostatic gripper with bipolar voltage polarity for a pick-and-place manipulationis presented. The compliance, realized by the introduction of an array of micropillars which actas the electrode, extends the application of electrostatic-based gripper to manipulating fragile,rough-surfaced dielectric objects at macro scale. A prototype consisting of two arrays isdeveloped by a chemical etching process. The experimental force is then compared with thetheoretical force obtained from a simulation, showing a discrepancy between them. The sourcesof the discrepancy are analyzed to provide design insight for force improvement. To assess thereliability, the prototype is used for a manipulation demonstration offlat-surfaced paper. Theresult shows a good repeatability, and the necessary pick-up condition is confirmed.Subsequently, as the proof of the concept, another pick-up for rough-surfaced objectsrepresented by a tissue paper with different roughness condition is also demonstrated. The effectof the rough surfaces to the generated forces is qualitatively discussed.

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