Journal Article Spectroscopic study on deuterated benzenes. II. High-resolution laser spectroscopy and rotational structure in the S_1_ state

大島, 康裕  ,  Ohshima, Yasuhiro

High-resolution spectra of the S_1_ ← S_0_ transition in jet-cooled deuterated benzenes were observed using pulse dye amplification of single-mode laser light and mass-selective resonance enhanced multiphoton ionization (REMPI) detection. The vibrational and rotational structures were accurately analyzed for the vibronic levels in the S_1_ state. The degenerate 6^1^ levels of C_6_H_6_ or C_6_D_6_ are split into 6a^1^ and 6b^1^ in many of deuterated benzenes. The rigid-rotor rotational constants were assessed and found to be slightly different between 6a and 6b because of different mean molecular structures. Their rotational levels are significantly shifted by Coriolis interactions. It was found that the Coriolis parameter proportionally changed with the number of substituted D atoms.

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