Conference Paper Dynamic control and dead-time compensation method of an isolated dual-active-bridge DC-DC converter

高木, 一斗  ,  Takagi, Kazuto  ,  藤田, 英明  ,  Fujita, Hideaki

This paper presents dynamic control and a dead-time compensation method of an isolated dual-activebridge(DAB) dc–dc converter. Conventional phase-shift control methods for the DAB converter maycause dc offsets in both inductor current and transformer magnetic flux density in transient states. Thedynamic control method in this paper independently controls the diagonal switches in each H-bridgeconverter to modify the duty ratios in transient states. This method enables both inductor current andtransformer magnetic flux density to be settled within a half switching period without any dc offsets.Moreover, the phase-shift error caused by the dead time is analyzed in terms of the switching angle.This analysis reveals that the dead time causes the switching-angle error in only one of the two H-bridgeconverters and may cause dc offsets. A new dead-time compensation method based on this analysis isproposed to eliminate the dc offsets and to achieve a good dynamic response. A 5-kW experimentalsystem verifies the validity of the proposed control method.

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