Conference Paper A new non-characteristic harmonic compensation method in three-phase active power filters equipped with a small DC capacitor

萬年, 智介  ,  Mannen, Tomoyuki  ,  藤田, 英明  ,  Fujita, Hideaki

This paper proposes a new control method suitable for active power filters equipped with a smalldc capacitor. The proposed method can achieve not only suppressing the dc capacitor voltagefluctuation in transient states but also compensating all harmonic components in steady states.The proposed method employs a harmonic detection method based on the 7-step compensatorand a repetitive controller with a comprehensive harmonic detection method. The experimentalresults using the active power filter with a small dc capacitor of 300-µF have confirmed that theproposed method has the capability to compensate non-characteristic harmonics produced by a15-kW diode rectifier in steady states without any voltage fluctuations in transient states.

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