Conference Paper A DC capacitor voltage control method for active power filters using modified reference including the voltage ripple derived from a theoretical analysis

萬年, 智介  ,  Mannen, Tomoyuki  ,  藤田, 英明  ,  Fujita, Hideaki

This paper proposes a new dc capacitor voltagecontrol method suitable for active power filters equipped with asmall dc capacitor. The proposed control method calculates thetheoretical energy stored in the dc capacitor and provides it to thedc capacitor voltage feedback controller as its energy reference.As a result, the proposed method has capability to regulate themean value of the dc capacitor voltage without any degradationin harmonic compensation even when a small dc capacitor anda high feedback gain are applied. Furthermore, application ofa high feedback gain to the proposed method makes it possibleto suppress the capacitor voltage fluctuations effectively withoutany performance deterioration in the harmonic compensation.Experimental results confirm a good harmonic compensatingperformance when applying a high-gain feedback controller toan active power filter with a small dc capacitor. The results alsodemonstrate a significant improvement in the capacitor voltageregulation even when a sudden load change occurs.

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