Article Flake Filled Plastics for Corrosion Protection

BRYAN, PAJARITO  ,  Pajarito, Bryan  ,  久保内, 昌敏  ,  KUBOUCHI, MASATOSHI

46 ( No. 1 )  , pp.18 - 26 , 2015-08 , The Materials Science Society of Japan
This article provides an overview of polymers reinforced with impermeable akes that have long been used in thechemical process industry for protecting metal and concrete structures against corrosion. Reviewing the function of impermeableakes in the anticorrosion performance of polymer composite coatings and linings could serve as a guidingperspective for future studies and extended applications of current polymer-layered silicate nanocomposites in this eld.This brief article describes the theory behind barrier improvement in polymers by ake reinforcement, describes ways ofevaluating the anticorrosive properties of ake lled polymers reported in recent studies, and reviews some existing applicationsof ake lled polymers for corrosion protection in the eld of chemical processing.

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