Journal Article Change in Temperature Distribution by Constriction of Electric Current through Contact Area

若林, 一貴  ,  wakabayashi, kazuki  ,  HEMTHAVY, PASOMPHONE  ,  HEMTHAVY, PASOMPHONE  ,  齋藤, 滋規  ,  SAITO, Shigeki  ,  高橋, 邦夫  ,  TAKAHASHI, KUNIO

AbstractThe change in temperature distribution due to constriction of an electric current through a contact area is analytically and numerically investigated. The potential distribution, current density distribution and heat density distribution inside the body are analytically obtained. The heat density has the singular point at the periphery of the contact area. It is revealed that the temperature has a finite value at the periphery, whereas the temperature change rate with respect to time has an infinite value because of the singularity. The results show the change in the temperature distribution. The times to melting and melting area are determined from the change in the temperature distribution. The total heat generated until melting occurs is also obtained.

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